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Flood Watch

The significant rain event we experienced yesterday, May 18, appears to have passed. The Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor the weather and we will post an update if conditions change and a new weather alert is issued.

Prescribed Burn Today on Shanahan Ridge

The City of Boulder is planning to conduct a prescribed burn on about 5 acres of open space on Shanahan Ridge today. Ignitions are scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 9, and will conclude by 4 p.m. Burning will be conducted only if and when weather and vegetation conditions are acceptable to assure the safety of the public and minimize the potential impacts of smoke. Boulder Fire-Rescue will supervise the planned burn, and firefighters will monitor the burn at all times until it is safely extinguished.

The intent of this burning is to help create a perimeter for additional burning that could occur through May 31. Prescribed burning will help reduce fire danger for south Boulder residents and help to improve forest ecosystem health. Additional information about prescribed burning is available at

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Gutzler Fire causing hazy conditions in Boulder County

The Gutzler Fire, which so far has burned over 200 acres southwest of the town of Kremmling, is causing hazy conditions in our area. In general, if you can see or smell smoke, it is recommended that you avoid outdoor physical activities. If visibility is decreased in your neighborhood to less than five miles, smoke has reached levels that are unhealthy. More information about the health risks and precautions related to wildfire smoke is available

Emergency Operation Center Closing

The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) will close at 6 p.m. this evening. All future updates related to #SunshineFire will come from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

Continue to watch for updates at:

Traffic closures limiting Sunshine Canyon access to residents-only will lift at 7p.m. once firefighters & their equipment are out.

Containment is now at 100%

#SunshineFire now 100% contained.

Firefighters will continue to work overnight on hotspots and flare-ups; mop-up operations will continue tomorrow.

Wonderland Lake is now open, as aerial fire operations and bucket drops at #SunshineFire are no longer needed.


Firefighters Continue to Make Great Progress

Firefighting efforts continue to go well this afternoon at #SunshineFire.  Below are some pictures from earlier this afternoon from a reconnaissance flight over the fire by incident managers. In the pictures you’ll be able to see the fire retardant lines that were dropped by the fixed-wing aircraft during yesterday’s suppression efforts, as well as the the burn scar area.

The fire is at 80% containment, but fire crews continue to make great progress. The initial assessment by fire management is that the burn scar looks good and that the area will recover well, which is good for the forest and the ecosystem


Sunshine Fire – March 20 Update

  • Fire is now at 80% containment – 12 p.m.
  • Fire was stable overnight – the concerns with high winds did not come to fruition.
    • Firefighters spent the evening putting out hot spots and flare ups
  • There is a fire line completely around the fire perimeter. This could be a dug line, a road, or a slurry line.
    • There is a very low probability of the fire jumping this line under normal conditions…but unfortunately there is a Red Flag Warning today which means we are not under normal weather conditions.
    • Red Flag Warning will be in affect until 7 p.m. tonight. Today is another day of high temperatures and low moisture.
  • The fire is still hottest in the Northwest corner of the fire footprint
  • Roughly $500,000 was spent on fire fighting efforts yesterday
  • Today there are 178 firefighters and 50 fire apparatus working in the field
  • We have 1 Type-3 helicopter on stand-by to do more bucket drops
  • The East Boulder Community Center still remains open as a shelter location – one person used the shelter overnight
    • The shelter will be considering closing sometime this morning
  • One evacuated horse stayed at the Boulder County Fairgrounds overnight

Public Call Center Closing

The public emergency call center for #SunshineFire is now closed.

Over the past (24) twenty-four hours, 14 volunteer call took 1,130 phone calls from concerned residents.

Unless there is a need the call center will not re-open.

Continue to watch for updates at:


Pre-evacuation and evacuation notices are now lifted

Pre-evacuation notices have been lifted. Any residents in this zone no longer need to be prepared to evacuate.

Mandatory evacuation notices have also been lifted. Residents living within the mandatory evacuation zones can return home. The intersection at 4th and Mapleton will allow residents through with ID and the intersection at Sunshine and Mapleton will also allow residents through with ID. The roads are still on soft closure meaning that only residents will be allowed to pass.

Some potential Public Health considerations for residents returning home:

Your well or septic system could be adversely affected by the fire, power outages, equipment failure from fire damage, or contamination of water supplies. Visually inspect your well and septic systems. Details about what to look for are available at:

Food exposed to heat, smoke fumes, or chemicals used to fight fires, or where power has been out, may be compromised. Details about what to look for and steps to take are available at:

If your home or property has been impacted by fire suppressant (slurry), it can be removed with gentle soap and water. Review instructions for removal at

A tetanus vaccination is recommended for all residents returning to the burn area who have not had a documented dose within the past ten years. Prompt first aid management for wounds and prevention of infection is also important. If you receive a puncture wound or a wound contaminated with feces, soil, or saliva, a health care professional should determine if a tetanus booster is necessary, based on individual records. More information is available at:

Public Call Center Open

The public Call Center is open to take resident questions – 303-413-7730 – this is for NON-emergency calls only.

Call taker volunteers can help answer questions about evacuations, road closures, and other details.